If you are a cactus lover, you will love this! Sticker app has a collection of amazing cactus stickers in different colours, sizes, and shapes. A vinyl sticker at the size of 2.6″ x 3.8″ will cost you $4.62, or why not go all the way to 21.1″ x 30.9″ for $70? You can go as crazy as you wish and also design your own stickers with photos or illustrations of your choice. Making your own stickers is a lot of fun and makes for entertaining gifts to friends and family. 

In their “Flower Power” selection you also find an Aloe Vera and some other botanical designs that are beautiful and unique. The sticker library also contains animal designs, with butterflies, whales, monkeys, decadent cows, and angry penguins. If Rasta is your thing, you’ll enjoy their Rastafari section with a rasta lion badge and a sticker of the lion of Judas. You can also say “I love you” with a romantic sticker or praise your God of choice with a Star of David or a Jesus Fish symbol. Again, you are able to upload your own designs and create something unique that really resonates with you, may it be humorous, beautiful, cute, serious, or romantic. 

The Sticker app website is very easy to use, and they offer free shipping to the US and Canada. You will receive your stickers within four working days, so it’s very quick! Pick your size and shape, and choose from a wide range of interesting materials to get just the look you want.