Yes, it is really true. By using digital tools you may actually help your garden thrive and become lush and blossoming. It will take some time to get to know and compile the data you need, but once it is there you will not only be able to optimize your watering system and the amount of fertilizer to use but also the perfect placement for new plants.

Create data studio templates for the various parameters you want to keep track of. It could be the amount of rain, the number or sunny days or hours, temperature or the amount of fertilizer, and then start measuring and keeping a ledger. The tool will help you visualise the input data in the templates you created, and you will know more about your garden.

But I Like Gardening, Not Computers

Don’t worry! You will still be doing a lot of gardening. As much as you fancy, actually. The computer thing can be done on rainy days or after sunset. The benefits you’ll get from the data you’re collecting is that you will optimize your economy both for watering and for fertilizer.

By dividing your garden into sections, and measuring parameters on several spots, you’ll also know where new plants will thrive and have the optimal growing conditions.

Excess Produce

A digital tool can also be used for marketing. We all know that growing vegetables tend to give big crops that ripen at the same time. With a little marketing online, you’ll reach a lot of potential customers.