Create Your Own Family Crest

Even though we live in modern times, having a family crest is still a nice nod to both history and family traditions. Most of us don’t have an inherited crest, so we are free to create one of our own. But how to go about it?

Well, first of all, start with finding a crest outline online. It’s always nice to have the frames ready when you start designing. I settled on a blue crest with silver lining. Then, you just have to figure out what to add.

My Crest

I would recommend choosing something you love. As a passionate gardener, I chose my favourite flower, which is an amazing white hybrid tea rose called “Full Sail”. After that I added a couple of honey bees, as they are my heroes and do a fantastic job all over the world.

I spent quite a bit of time placing the flowers and the bees, and made a few variants of the crest. I printed them all, and laid them where I could see them when I passed by. That way I could get a feeling for which one I liked the most. Naturally, the rest of the family got to weigh in as well.

Where To Use It

Now I use my family crest all the time! I have used the customized stickers service to print lots of crests on stickers. That way I can slap one on anything that I want to mark as mine – notebooks, books, tools… anything you can think of, really.


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