Bring Order to Chaos

If you are anything like me, you think you’ll remember where you put each kind of bulb come spring. But then it turns out that your memory wasn’t that good, after all. Not that it necessarily is a bad thing, your flower beds may turn out surprisingly lovely anyway. But even if the random flower beds are nice, sometimes it would be good with a little bit more of an ordered approach. 

And not not least, if you know what you have, you can concentrate on buying new sorts of bulbs instead of mistakenly getting more of what you already have. 

Label Everything. Everything!

And do it now! We are not kidding. Separate the different bulbs and give them their own spaces on the shelves. Make your own stickers to mark what goes where. Don’t forget to make stickers for what your armchair gardening will (likely) result in as well. 

As soon as you have placed orders for new bulbs, place a label on the shelf. Then you’ll know where to put it once it arrives, and come autumn, you will not have to create space for it since it’s already there. 

The Tools As Well

When the actual gardening time is low during winter, take the time to give your tools a little TLC. Sharpen all cutting tools, and grease them so they don’t rust. If you haven’t already, organize them and mark with labels what goes where. 

You could also lebel the actual tool. This is especially useful if you live with someone else who may be using the same tools, and if you have several variants of similar tools.


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