Created for green-fingered types everywhere, this website is loaded with advice and tips on gardening. You’ll learn about topics such as choosing plants and sowing seeds, caring for your garden through the seasons, encouraging wildlife & discouraging pests, garden equipment, water use and watering systems, container gardening, armchair gardening (unfortunately, it doesn’t involve growing armchairs), vegetable gardening, house plants and garden design.

A lot of people love to spend their spare time relaxing in the garden. That’s true, unless they’re working in it! This site aims to occasionally whisk you away from your own patch by highlighting amazing green spaces from around the world. Aside from being lovely to visit, of course these places will inspire you with ideas about what you might grow at home. Gardening at its best is an art form, and you can draw inspiration from various quarters.

As well as horticultural advice and ideas, you’ll also find agricultural articles here. Simplistically put, agriculture is horticulture on a grander scale, so farming info and news is frequently of interest to gardeners.

For your further edification and amusement, old country boy and gardener extraordinaire Bob Allium will be writing a blog for this site. Bob’s been kicking around for more years than he cares to remember and has been gardening professionally since he was a fresh-faced teen. Yes, that long! He’ll be discussing cyclical gardening topics and will help you stay on top of your own gardening chores as the year progresses. One thing’s for sure: Bob Allium knows his onions ….